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Viscotitanium is the only memory foam with titanium particles. Technology patented by gomarco that provides the body with energy.

Blood circulation

Viscotitanium stimulates blood circulation and increases body temperature to relax the muscles.

Energy recovery

Viscotitanium relieves muscle pains caused by physical activity.

Viscotitanium improves body energy and energy recovery

chica-minStart every morning feeling full of energy


Viscotitanium is memory foam formed by titanium particles which are multiples benefits to the human body.

These particles improve bioelectrical currents allowing red blood cells to pump the oxygen through the body.

Blood flow is improved due to the fact that the titanium particles stimulate blood circulation and increase body temperature to relax the muscles. This results in a good night’s sleep.

ViscoTitanium helps to accelerate natural energy recuperation of our body in therms of muscle pains. It’s perfect for sportspeople.

Viscotitanium mattresses support mental and physical performance.

Deepest sleep

Night-time sleep is organized in 4 or 5 stages within a period of 8 hours. Each stage takes 90-110 minutes and 5 different phases. As is normal, each person has different sleep stages. According to studies, the number of hours of sleep depends on various factors: gender, food, sport, stress, etc.

Stage 1 is the stage between wakefulness and sleep, sometimes referred to as somnolence or drowsy sleep. Stage 2 is the first unequivocal stage of sleep. Stages 3 is also known as deep or delta sleep and is characterized by delta brain waves. As well as neuronal activity, other physical indicators such as bran temperature, breathing rate, heart and blood pressure are all at their lowest levels during stage 3 sleep. It’s much more difficult to awake a person during this stage.

Delta sleep is our deepest sleep, so our best restful sleep. This is where Viscotitanium memory foam acts by giving you extra energy.