Spring Sac

Spring Sac

Using springs individually introduced into small sacs allows the maximum adaptability

Motion isolation

Spring Sac® System, high-strength pocket springs of different firmness, absorbs the movements of one person so that the other person is not disturbed.

Great ventilation system

This system allows air circulation and therefore the correct dispersion of damps and perspiration of mattress’s core thanks to steel wire of its springs.

Two kinds of spring support systems

Spring Sac®

Spring Sac® is our pocket spring system. Using springs individually introduced into small sacs allows the maximum adaptability. These springs are made of high-strength steel wire.

These springs are covered by a fine fabric. It’s a flexible and adaptable system due to the fact each spring is individually aligned. Each one can work separately depending on pressure points.

This system offers a good rest. It allows the correct perspiration of mattress’s core and ensures motion isolation.

With 390 m2 springs, SpringSac provides you mattress adaptability, longevity, motion isolation and perspiration.

Spring Sac 7z®

Spring Sac7z®, the innovative pocket spring system patented by Gomarco. Its 510 m2 springs with 7 comfort zones of different firmness will make your rest healthy and ergonomic

7 comfort zones strategically spread to increase fulcrums and at the same time to decrease pressure points of our body. Therefore, blood pressure improves and we reach the perfect rest.

Head, cervical, lumbar, dorsal, hip, knees and feet areas are individually separated to create different comfort zones.

SpringSac 7z® is synonym of adaptability, perspiration and intelligence.