3Kids mattress

3Kids mattress
24 September, 2016

3 concepts in one, 3 Kids is perfect to optimize space and modularity. Storage bed and mattress solt separately but designed to work jointly.

Mattress 24 cm thick daily use, daily rest.

When you unzip the zipper , 3KIDS turns into two mattresses of 12 cm thick (Innogel® memory foam)

And if you join the zipper, 3KIDS turns into a double mattress.

3KIDS Mattress characteristics

3KIDS Storage Bed characteristics

Composition & charasteristics

Upholstered Storage bed
Perforated Lid and upholstered in Mesh 3D Air Fresh for better breathability.
Upholstered in Leather or Fabric.

Storage bed measurements

Height:: 70 cm

Base height: 36,5 cm

Useful inner hollow: 17 cm


Arm and front: same color

Lid and drawer upholstered in the same color

It’s posible to combine colours