Flexible cores

Innogel memory foam

innogelGomarco Descanso uses Innogel in many of their mattresses. Formed by gel particles, Innogel memory foam ensures the hygiene and longevity of your mattress.

Gel offers an excellent Keeling of freshness. It slows heat absorption keeping the perfect temperature for longer.

Innogel products are perfect for persons who are very sensitive to heat given that it’s 15% fresher than standard memory foams.

Therefore, Innogel maintains uniform temperature of mattress’s core and ensures the perfect oxygenation by favouring odour elimination.

Gomarco beat on the health of their customers so that we invest in research and development in the spirit of produce mattresses technologically advanced.

90K Memory foam

innogelHigh-density memory foam 90K ensures adaptability to the body. Its profiled shape improves air circulation and perspiration of mattress’s core.

Its profiled structure in 7 zones makes the mattress highly adaptable to the vertebral column.

Foams: Aquapur & Suipur

espumaIn Gomarco Mattresses, we have investigated to obtain the perfect polyurethane HR foam to ensure the best comfort and the longest life of our mattresses.


Aquapur is our main HR foam, a soft touch support whose core has medium firmness. This open-cell foam ensures the softness of the mattress apart from the quick recovery of foam to its original shape. Due to their versatility, Aquapur HR foam is used in most of cores and top layers of Gomarco mattresses.


Suitpur is softer and flexible than Aquapur HR foam. It is an ideal choice for those wanting a soft comfort. This material is characterized by its high degree of adaptability.